Innovation Procurement Task Force

The acquisition of innovation by public administrations is essential to improve the services offered to citizens while also providing business opportunities to local entrepreneurs. Therefore, in order to leverage this potential, it is crucial to explore new models capable of incorporating innovation in the public sector and increasing business competitiveness, considering the reality of regions.

The EU project PREPARE, a European Innovation Ecosystem (EIE) project that is also a member of the Innovation Procurement Task Force (IPTF), brings together four regions that collaborate with local ecosystems to design novel policies that promote demand-driven co-creation. The ultimate goal is to benefit local services, SMEs and citizens.

Now, to present its first insights, resources and best practices, PREPARE organises a public workshop titled Regional Policies to Promote the Adoption of Innovation by Public Administrations, scheduled for June 27th, from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM, at Avenue des Arts, 3, 5ª, in Brussels.

The workshop aims to showcase the benefits of the collaboration between public organizations and local innovators and share feedback acquired from the local stakeholders of the Prepare regions, while also allowing regional stakeholders related to innovation policies and their counterpart offices in Brussels to share experiences and interests. Moreover, this event intends to facilitate the development of proposals to design policies adapted to the regional realities and it will provide access to a database of 300+ knowledge resources.

If you are interested in attending PREPARE’s workshop, registration is open until June 25th. To register and secure your spot, please click the registration link.