Innovation Procurement Task Force

About the Innovation Procurement Task Force

The Innovation Procurement Task Force (IPTF) 
is a collaborative and voluntary initiative aimed at:

  • Maximizing awareness of Public Procurement of Innovation.

  • Exchanging and promoting knowledge, latest information, and opportunities to advance innovation procurement practices.

  • Promoting coordinated actions and reciprocal support among its member parties and their respective networks.

Initially founded by four EU-funded projects—PROCEDIN, BUILD, Health InnoFacilitator, and InnoBuyer—the IPTF brings together expertise in various aspects of innovation procurement to drive progress and promote sustainable practices across the European Union.

Over time, the Task Force has gained interest from other stakeholders and initiatives such as Procure4Health, Prepare projects, and the Urban Agenda Partnership on Innovative & Responsible Public Procurement, reflecting continuous expansion and development, welcoming diverse partners.

Designed for anyone interested in innovation procurement, including public authorities, private companies, and non-governmental organizations.

The Task Force supports its members and their initiatives through coordinated communication and joint efforts, reaching all combined networks. Activities include webinars, training sessions, articles, matchmaking opportunities, workshops, events, and more.

IPTF Activities

Webinars and Info Sessions:
IPTF organises informative sessions to educate stakeholders about innovation procurement, share success stories, and highlight best practices.

Joint Events and Workshops:
Organising events and workshops to showcase results, foster networking, and promote collaboration among stakeholders.

Facilitating mutual support in communicating and promoting partners’ initiatives, enhancing visibility, engagement, and knowledge dissemination within the innovation procurement community, facilitated by regular updating meetings.

IPTF Members